Electroblotting is a technique to immboilise proteins or nucleic acid seperation on a solid membrane support. Samples are then detected using specific antibodies, ligands or nucleic acid probes that bind individual proteins or nucleic acid sequences. This allows identification, quantification or interaction’s study of proteins and nucleic acid from various samples, and makes it a powerful technique in proteomics and genomics. Cleaver Scientific offers four types of systems: the modular electroblotters, tank transfers systems, semi-dry transfer systems and microfiltration (dot and slot blotting).

The most well known application of electroblotting is the western blot, when proteins are immobilised on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. Protein abundance can then be quantified by staining with colorimetric dyes or protein specific antibodies. We supply a range of units suitable for western blotting of both precast size gels and large format polyacrylamide gels.