powerPRO 5 outlet power supplies

The PowerPro series of power supplies is a versatile range designed to power both multiSUB horizontal and omniPAGE vertical electrophoresis tanks. Each power supply has a 2.4″ LCD display. Constant voltage, current and power options are available as well as pre programmed or customer programmed conditions allowing users to save and repeat their experiments for exceptional reproducibility.

The 5 power outlet pairs means less power supplies are needed for the same number of tanks, saving cost and time when running multiple tanks simultaneously. PowerPro 300 is perfet for our smaller tanks and has the ability to run up to 5 multiSUB MIDI units or omniPAGE Mini’s. The PowerPro500 offers a maximum 500V output, perfect for larger horizontal and vertical units. For blotting, the PowerPro3AMP supplies a maximum 3000mA to allow multiple blots to process simultaneously.