Real-time size fractionation and recovery of nucleic acids

runVIEW systems consist of a multiSUB gel chamber with special blueVIEW lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter within its viewing pane, plus a base unit with integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator. The original runVIEW CHOICE, runVIEW MINI and MIDI are all part of the runVIEW series, all of which benefit from the blue light illumination of fluorescently stained agarose gels to allow the user to view the size fractionation of nucleic acids in real-time.

While runVIEW CHOICE features a power supply integrated within the base unit, for runVIEW MINI and MIDI, an adjustable blue-light illuminator platform accommodates both the MINI and MIDI electrophoresis tanks. Band visualisation is achieved through the corresponding lid containing an orange spectral emission filter. Each lid remains free of condensation through a built-in extractor fan.