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Reagents and Chemicals for Western Blotting

At Cleaver Scientific we offer the complete solution of reagents and chemicals for Western Blotting. To view the products individual product page, please click on the images.


Step 1- PAGE Buffers


Five buffers are available in powder sachets for a range of native and denaturing protein gel electrophoresis techniques. Convenient, pre-made stock solution or powder- just dilute or dissolve as necessary with water. Saves time and trouble- no weighing, pH adjustments or need to stock individual compounds.

Step 2- Protein Markers


Stable for up to two years if stored at -20°C and supplied pre-stained in gel loading buffer for direct loading, Cleaver Scientific PINK Plus and BLUE Wide range recombinant protein markers are perfect for SDS-PAGE applications.


Step 3- Blotting Membranes


PVDF with nitrocellulose (proteins) and nylon (RNA and DNA) membranes are available for different application needs and different formats. We supply membranes in sheet form and as a 3M roll which can be cut to size to fit experimental needs.


Step 4- Protein Gel Staining


EZEE RubyPro is a ready to use kit for rapid and sensitive protein staining of 1D and 2D SDS PAGE gels. It enables high contrast and optimal visualisation and quantitation of proteins.

EZEE UltraBlue is a sensitive, safe and environmentally friendly protein stain compatible with mass spectrometry. EZEE UltraBLUE is an enhanced Coomassie-based protein stain formulated for fast and sensitive protein detection without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Step 5- Blocking Buffer


JUSTBLOCK is an all-in-one blocking solution for Western blot analysis. By all-in-one we refer to its capability to perform in only one step, blocking, primary and secondary antibodies hybridization as well as enhancing the signal developed from HRP or AP substrates and therefore functions as both blocker and enhancer in Western analysis.


Step 6- ECL Substrates


The lumi range of ECL substrates are luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescent substrates which produce sensitive signals and are compatible with antibodies conjugated with horseradish peroxide (HRP).


Step 7- Western Blot Imagers


All protein markers, pre cast gels and buffers work perfectly with our range of Western Blot Imagers. At Cleaver Scientific, we offe both an entry level chemiluminescence documentation system as well as a complete solution for chemiluminescence and fluorescent western blot imaging.



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