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We build custom laboratory equipment for laboratories all over the world

Our team of fabricators can manufacture equipment to your specifications, or we can design and build a product for your experiment from scratch.

Custom Manufacturing
Gloves box with uv light

We have worked with industrial, healthcare and academic partners to develop various custom products for niche applications or one off requirements. Take a look below to see some of the projects we have worked on in the past. If you need help producing your customised or unique product, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Custom IEF units for private research lab in India​

For this project, we were approached via our distribution partner in India.

A private research laboratory required a customised isoelectric focusing unit for use in a demanding protocol. These units were a substantial change from our standard IEF design.

We customised 10 of our Isoelectric focusing units with an additional central electrode to allow double the gel capacity and make them suitable for the clients protocol. These units are now in full operation in a demanding private laboratory environment.

Customised horizontal electrophoresis tank for NHS Lab

Customised horizontal electrophoresis tank for NHS Lab

We often get asked to recreate discontinued models of electrophoresis gel tanks. For this project, an NHS customer required us to recreate a tank used in their existing protocol that had been discontinued by the manufacturer.

We built the tank based on the clients specifications and they are now in use in an NHS laboratory.

Cooled Cellulose Acetate electrophoresis unit for research lab in Italy

Our client had a requirement to run Cellulose Acetate electrophoresis plates at a higher than normal voltage. This creates a lot of heat and can lead to overheating of the gel and a failed experiment.

To overcome this issue, we designed, built and tested a new tank design with a built in cooling plate. This was tested in our fully equipped in house laboratory and two units are now in use with the client.

combibox mini

Customised UV Glove Boxes for Covid-19 work

Our client required a large number of glove boxes that could be effectively sterilised against virus for handling COVID-19 samples.

We designed and manufactured a glove box with built in UV sterilisation at an affordable price point for a customer with a limited budget.

These units are now in use in the fight against COVID-19 in the developing world.

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