Custom Manufactured Lab Equipment

Equipment being made in teh cleaver Scientific Factory

Have you ever needed a custom solution to a research problem?

At Cleaver Scientific we are experienced in working alongside researchers to provide custom made lab equipment, to help you solve the unique problems associated with your research. Our fabrication team has years of  experience manufacturing both our standard range of products and a huge portfolio of custom equipment, take a look at some of the examples of our work below:

Custom IEF Units for Private research lab in India
We customised 10 of our Isoelectric focusing units with an additonal central electrode to allow double the gel capacity.  These units are in full operation in a demanding private laboratory environment.



Customised Horizontal electrophoresis tank for NHS Lab.These tanks were built by our manufacturing team using the customer’s existing model as a template. 10 tanks were built and are now in use with excellent feedback.




Cooled Cellulose Acetate electrophoresis unit for research lab in Italy

2 customised cellulose acetate tanks were modified with cooling coils to enable high-voltage runs. These systems were built on our shop floor and tested in our in house laboratory.




If you have a custom lab equipment requirement, contact us and we can work together to move your research forwards!