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We offer a wide range of products used in COVID-19 research and testing

Our products are used everyday in molecular biology workflows. Take a look below to see how we can help with your COVID-19 research and testing protocols.

We have worked with industrial, healthcare and academic partners to develop various custom products for niche applications or one off requirements. Take a look below to see some of the projects we have worked on in the past. If you need help producing your customised or unique product, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

COVID-19 Products from Cleaver Scientific Clean View UV cabinet

Custom equipment - Glove boxes with UV lighting

At Thistle Scientific, we not only offer our great range of stock products, we also manufacture custom equipment on demand. If you’re looking to create a unique piece of equipment for research into COVID-19, we can help.

Early in the pandemic, we customised our sealed glove box for a customer to include UV-C lighting. This box was built to the exact specifications of our customer and there are now over 100 units in service around the world.

What can we do?

  • Small one off projects, or complete OEM solutions
  • Customise our existing equipment, or create new equipment from scratch
  • Work together to ensure the product meets your requirement
  • Scale up production, test, package and distribute

Plasticware for PCR, qPCR and pipetting

COVID-19 has caused a huge backlog in supply chains, which has been especially acute in life science laboratories that rely on many of the same consumables used in COVID-19 testing.Products such as PCR tubes and pipette tips have been in short supply.

In response to this shortage, Thistle Scientific have invested in our a line of filter and non-filter pipette tips which are now available. We are also stocking a wide range of PCR plastics for use in PCR and qPCR.

What is available?

COVID-19 Products from Cleaver Scientific

UV sterilisation cabinets for PCR prep and UV cleaning

Our PCR cabinets use germicidal UV-C lamps, which have been shown to efficiently inhibit replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19.

These cabinets can be used to create a contamination free environment for the preparation of PCR and qPCR samples. UV-C irradiation also prevents cross-contamination between runs, helping to reduce the possibility of testing errors.


  • Removing nucleic acid residue left from previous PCR and qPCR setups
  • Surface disinfection of PCR setup equipment and other lab equipment


  • Available in 3 sizes to fit into your workspace
  • 4 x 15W UV-C Germicidal lamps
  • Doors fitted with safety cut-off switches
COVID-19 Products from Cleaver Scientific combibox mini
COVID-19 Products from Cleaver Scientific - tips and tubes

General lab equipment for COVID-19 workflows

At Thistle Scientific we offer a reliable range of general lab equipment to complement our specialised product ranges. Many of these instruments are used in COVID-19 testing and research workflows.

To find out more about our general laboratory products, click on the links below.

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