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Q2 Newsletter 2019

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We’ve had a busy first half to the year, so thank you to all our customers! We are currently running a range of special offers, and have introduced several new products to our line up. Check out the summary below for more information

New Product Citations – 03/06/2019

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Our products have been cited in new scientific Journal Articles. Take look at the list below: Paper Title Paper Web Link Association of status of acetylcholinesterase and ACHE gene 3’UTR variants (rs17228602, rs17228616) with drug addiction vulnerability in pakistani population DNA damage in human whole blood caused by radiopharmaceuticals evaluated by the comet assay …

Introducing IdentiTapes

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Introducing IndentiTapes     Self-adhesive IdentiTapes are designed to provide the perfect solution to a wide variety of labeling requirements.     Click here to view the product         Identify samples easily Oil, water and acid resistant Withstands extremes in temperatures, -20°C to +121.1°C Ideal for use in a freezer, refridgerator   …

Reagents and Chemicals for Western Blotting

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At Cleaver Scientific we offer the complete solution of reagents and chemicals for Western Blotting. To view the products individual product page, please click on the images.   Step 1- PAGE Buffers   Five buffers are available in powder sachets for a range of native and denaturing protein gel electrophoresis techniques. Convenient, pre-made stock solution …

The Complete Solution for Western Blotting

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At Cleaver Scientific we offer the complete solution for Western Blotting. With a range of Vertical Gel Systems, Power Supplies, Blot Transfer Systems, Reagents and Chemicals and Gel Documentation and Analysis, we provide the complete solution for the Life Scientist.   Step 1: Vertical Gel Systems The omniPAGE range comprises three sizes of gel chamber, …

What is electrophoresis?


What is electrophoresis? Electrophoresis is an electrokinetic process which separates charged particles in a fluid using a field of electrical charge. It is most often used in life sciences to separate protein molecules or DNA and can be achieved through several different procedures depending on the type and size of the molecules. The procedures differ …