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How to cast an Agarose Gel using the MS Screen Flexicaster

The MS26-FC MS Screen Flexicaster, now included with each multiSUBscreen unit, can be used with nearly all Cleaver Scientific multiSUB horizontal gel trays. When casting, one end of the gel tray is pushed into position against a fixed wall, whilst a moveable dam with twin cam-lock design and rubber insert locks into position at the other end to provide a leak proof seal, even when freshly boiled agarose is poured at temperatures as high as 80°C! The MS26-FC Flexicaster may also be purchased separately, and its flexibility in accommodating different gel tray lengths makes it the perfect casting solution for those laboratories with different multiSUB systems.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to cast an agarose gel using the MS Screen Flexicaster. This technique is also applicable to other flexicasters within the multi sub range.

How to cast an Agarose Gel using the MS Screen Flexicaster

What you’ll need

This is what you will need:

  • MS Screen Flexicaster
  • Levelling bubble
  • Multi sub gel tray
  • Casting dams

Casting the gel

On a bench surface, which is ideally level, begin to set up the flexicaster. Place the levelling bubble in the centre of the flexicaster.

If the levelling bubble indicates that the surface is uneven adjust the levelling screws on the flexicaster until the levelling bubble shows that the caster is balanced and even. This is essential for pouring uniform gels particularly long MS Screen gels.

Align the silicon rubber dam against the fixed barrier at the top end of the flexicaster and insert it.

Insert the gel tray so that it fits evenly against the rubber dam and fixed barrier.

Move the adjustable barrier along the central groove within the flexicaster so that it is close to the end of the gel tray before inserting the rubber dam between the tray and the barrier and then lock it.

Push in the barrier so that it fits snugly against the detachable rubber dam.

Turn cams simultaneously in the same direction through 90 degrees locking the barrier into position to form a leak-proof seal.

The same procedure may be repeated for other sizes of gel tray within the multi sub range.

Once satisfied that the caster is leak proof, insert the combs within the desired positions within the tray and gently pour in the agarose to approximately two millimetres of the top of the comb teeth and leave to set.

Once set, remove the comb and place in the appropriate multi sub gel tank.

Don’t forget you can watch our product demonstration video for a clearer idea of what to do.

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