PowerPro 3 Amp


Key Features

  • 300V, 3000mA, 300W
  • 5 pairs of outputs
  • Perfect for high current applications such as blotting
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At 300V, 3000mA, 300W, the PowerPro 3AMP is designed for virtually all high current electrophoresis applications. The PowerPro 3AMP’s higher current output capability is perfect for electroblotting units with high-intensity plate electrodes, particularly Cleaver Scientific omniBLOT maxi, VS20 WAVE and semi dry blotting systems. Electrotransfers may be performed as timed runs in constant or programmable mode to prevent overheating and buffer depletion. A run time extendable to a maximum 999 minutes in constant mode is also useful for overnight transfers undertaken at constant low current in wire electrode systems. The PowerPro 3AMP shares the built-in protocol and constant parameter features of the other PowerPro models.

PowerPro 3AMP is the ideal power supply for:

  • Vertical Electrophoresis using omniPAGE Maxi.
  • Blotting using omniBLOT and semi-dry blotters.


Display  2.4” TFT-LCD
Output voltage / Inc.  5 - 300V / 1V
Output current / Inc.  10 - 3000mA / 10mA
Output power / Inc.  300W / 1W
Output type  Constant voltage / Current / Power
Program  Pre setting; Up to 6-step, 30 programmed files
Timer    Constant mode:9999 (min) with alarm
Programmable mode: 999 (min) with alarm
Rated voltage  100 - 240V

Catalogue Number Description
POWERPRO3AMP 300V, 3000mA, 300W Power supply, 5 output pairs.