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Customisable glove box

Adaptable and Reliable Cleaver Scientific’s Standard glove boxes are available in four sizes and provide an ideal cost-effective solution for those scientists or users performing functions in which containment is paramount. A robust construction from non-reactive polycarbonate allows each glove box to be used with inert gases such as helium, nitrogen and argon, for procedures […]

Equipment being made in the cleaver Scientific Factory

Have you ever needed a custom solution to a research problem? At Cleaver Scientific we are experienced in working alongside researchers to provide custom made lab equipment, to help you solve the unique problems associated with your research. Our fabrication team has years of  experience manufacturing both our standard range of products and a huge […]

Introducing IdentiTapes

Introducing IndentiTapes     Self-adhesive IdentiTapes are designed to provide the perfect solution to a wide variety of labeling requirements.     Click here to view the product         Identify samples easily Oil, water and acid resistant Withstands extremes in temperatures, -20°C to +121.1°C Ideal for use in a freezer, refrigerator   […]

Reagents and Chemicals for Western Blotting

At Cleaver Scientific we offer the complete solution of reagents and chemicals for Western Blotting. To view the products individual product page, please click on the images. Step 1- PAGE Buffers Five buffers are available in powder sachets for a range of native and denaturing protein gel electrophoresis techniques. Convenient, pre-made stock solution or powder- […]

The omniPAGE range of Vertical Gel Systems comprises of three sizes of gel chamber.

At Cleaver Scientific we offer the complete solution for Western Blotting. With a range of Vertical Gel Systems, Power Supplies, Blot Transfer Systems, Reagents and Chemicals and Gel Documentation and Analysis, we provide the complete solution for the Life Scientist.   Step 1: Vertical Gel Systems The omniPAGE range comprises three sizes of gel chamber, […]

What is electrophoresis? Electrophoresis is an electrokinetic process which separates charged particles in a fluid using a field of electrical charge. It is most often used in life sciences to separate protein molecules or DNA and can be achieved through several different procedures depending on the type and size of the molecules. The procedures differ […]

The MS26-FC MS Screen Flexicaster, now included with each multiSUBscreen unit, can be used with nearly all Cleaver Scientific multiSUB horizontal gel trays. When casting, one end of the gel tray is pushed into position against a fixed wall, whilst a moveable dam with twin cam-lock design and rubber insert locks into position at the […]

  Cleaver Scientific provides a comprehensive range of multi sub horizontal systems for all your nucleic acid gel electrophoresis needs. The MS mini duo shown here is one of Cleaver Scientific’s bestselling horizontals. Its compact tank size combines economical buffer and gel consumption without compromising resolution and separation speed. Each multi sub unit has a […]

The new VS20 WAVE Maxi System is Cleaver Scientifics latest product innovation for large format vertical gel electrophoresis. It’s designed to perform a variety of separations, including first and second-dimension SDS-PAGE, native, preparative, gradient and high-resolution nucleic acid electrophoresis, plus capillary tube gel IEF and electroblotting and is one of the most versatile maxi vertical […]

OmniPage Vertical Electrophoresis Systems Cleaver Scientific provides a comprehensive range of OmniPage vertical systems for all your protein electrophoresis needs. The most popular size format is the OmniPage Mini for 10 x 10 cm gels. Each OmniPage mini may be supplied with a full range of cones, glass plates and accessories to cast and run […]