Gel Loading Tips

These Gel-Loading Pipette Tips are designed for sample loading of electrophoresis gels.
They provide positive-displacement accuracy and reproducibility using Pipetman and most other single-channel air-displacement pipettors.

RNase/DNase-free Tips comprise three styles, each featuring a flexible, 33mm long, 5µl microcapillary tube sections:

  • Round-shaft Tip, with 0.57mm OD tube end – these greatly improve loading techniques for 0.75, 1.0 and 1.5mm PAGE gels.
  • Intermediate 0.37mm OD flat Tip is ideal for loading 0.4mm sequencing gels.
  • Ultra-thin 0.17mm OD ultra-flat Tip is perfect for loading 0.2mm wedge-spacer gels.

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