TGT1XMINI Teaching Gel Tank


Key Features

  • Simple to Use
  • Safe for students
  • Cost Sensitive
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These industry standard tanks come in three sizes -to run six gels, four gels or a single gel.  The gel trays are UV transparent and measure 7x7cm, each tank comes with two combs and two casting dams per gel tray.  Supplied with highly flexible cable and connectors which are CE compliant, providing complete electrical isolation and safety.

They have a special manufactured safety cover, which completely covers the tank of the system, making it one of the safest available.

Cleaver Scientific Ltd is a member of the UK organisation CLEAPPS who use the TGT range for their training work shops. (Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services)

Ordering Information

TGT1XMINI  Teaching gel tank to run 1x 7x7cm gel trays, includes: 2x 6-sample combs, casting dams, loading guides and cables.


Technical Specifications

Gel dimensions (w x l) 7 x 7cm
Unit dimensions (w x l x h) 9 x 21 x 9cm
Max. sample capacity 7 x 7cm tray - 32 samples
Buffer volume 225ml


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