safeVIEW-MINI2 Blue Light Transilluminator 15.3 x 15.3 cm


Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Even light source
  • Low Cost


GTIN: 5055323272226

Special Requirements?


The advanced SafeVIEW-MINI2 offers a safe way to view and document gel samples. With a compact design, each transilluminator serves as the perfect workstation for viewing and working with fluorescently-stained  nucleic acid gels. The LED 470nm blue light source has the added advantage that it does not cause damage to DNA or RNA that would normally be associated with UV light. safeVIEW-MINI2 Transilluminator has a separate 580nm amber screen and a thinner lightweight casing. With an imaging size of 153 x 153mm, it can be used to view small to medium sized gels and is compatible with multiSUB mini, midi and choice Horizontal DNA gel tanks. safeVIEW-MINI2 is also compatible with microDOC and GDH-BASIC imaging systems.


Catalogue Page Number: 68

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Viewing Size (cm)15.3 x 15.3


Basic Gel Documentation Hood
Basic Gel Documentation Hood
GDH £69.00