chemiPRO Chemiluminescence Imaging System

Key Features

  • Fully featured chemiluminescence documentation system
  • Upgradeable with RGB lighting for fluorescent antibodies
  • High quantum efficiency (QE) camera
  • Cooled camera to reduce imaging noise
  • Multiplex imaging of up to 5 different channels with UV, blue and RGB HI-LED lighting options
  • Motor driven lens and filter wheel
  • CFR21 Part 11 compliant
  • Aquistition and Analysis Software Included
Special Requirements?


The chemiPRO is our complete solution for chemiluminescence and fluorescent western blot imaging.

Featuring a highly sensitive cooled CCD Camera with high quantam efficiency, for detection of picogram level proteins, this system can image both conventional ECL style chemiluminscence blots and fluorescently tagged proteins of antibodies with the optional fluorescence module. The free of charge software allows automated imaging of multicolour blots with a simple and user friendly interface.

The chemiPRO can also be fitted with a UV transilluminator and filters for nucleic acid stains to make it the ultimate all in one chemi and gel documentation system.

Use chemiPRO for:

  • DNA gels
  • Protein gels
  • Multiplex gels – 3 or more colours
  • Colony counting
  • Chemiluminescence blots
  • Colorimetric blots
  • Stain free imaging
  • Films
  • Bioluminescence
  • GFP plant imaging


  • High resolution, high QE (73% @ 425nm), 4MP camera with enhanced cooling for longer exposure times – suitable for chemiluminescence.
  • Effective resolution up to 16MP.
  • Motor driven lens with feedback.
  • Integral white LED lighting for sample positioning, visible light applications and colorimetric markers.
  • Motor driven 7-position filter wheel with UV filter to extend applications.
  • Automatic or manual control using GenePIX.
  • Pre-defined 1-click protocols for rapid imaging.
  • Unlimited user saveable protocols.
  • Use with UV transilluminator for DNA imaging.
  • Use converter screen for visible light applications such as protein gels.
  • Use with blue LED UltraBright transilluminator for safe-dye applications.
  • Includes unlimited copies of GeneQUANT analysis software.
  • IQ/OQ qualification protocols as available.
  • Built-in light gantries for Hi- LED EPI illumination options. RGB and IR

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Unit Dimensions (cm) 57 x 84 x 45
Weight (Kg) 37
Construction Powder Coated Steel
Platform Dimensions 30.5 x 22.7 cm
Resolution 4 Megapixel
Password Protection Yes
Analysis Software Included, 21CFR Compiant
Transilluminator Wavelength 302
Camera Type Cooled CCD
Epi White Light Included
Lens Motor driven zoom 1.2
Sensor Bit-Depth 16
Emission Filters 7 position wheel
Image Storage TIFF or GLP Compliant Format
White Light Table Optional
Epi Blue Light Optional
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm 0.73
21CFR Compliant Yes
Advanced Analysis Features Included
Operating System Requirements Windows
Input Voltage 115/240V
Compliance Marks CE, 21 CFR Part 11
Viewing Size (cm) 30.5 x 22.7
Wavelength (nm) 302