proSET One Fermentation System

  • Duo heating system, thermostat and dry heating combined in one
  • Linux based system for stable and virus proof operation
  • Extreme compact in size: (WxLxH) 250x510x500mm
  • Compatible with any vessel types up to 10 liter
  • Economic model for budget saving lab
  • Three speed adjustable peristaltic pumps control feedings in various flow rates
  • SCADA software ready
  • Expansion module available for system upgrade supports to optional devices

Cleaver Scientific Brand products are now manufactured by and available for purchase direct from Thistle Scientific.

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The most versatile, cost and space saving fermentation system is now available from our proSET Fermentation product line-the One System.

proSET One System is not only compact in size but also provides all the necessary tools as a standard instrument. The duo heating system allows you to choose any vessel types up to 10L for any application needs. The optional expansion module allows you to add additional devices to enhance the capability of the system. All necessities such as temperature, anti-foam, pH and DO probe are all included in the standard package.

PC software connects up to 16 systems 16 vessels at the same time.

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Cat. No. CSFS-06
Control unit Control panel 8" Color touch-screen interface
Communication port Remote software control through Ethernet, up to 16 systems per PC
Data export through USB port
Analog AUX port for system extension
Program storage Up to 59,994 process programs
Log data storage Up to 100 process monitoring data files
Cabinet material ABS front panel and painted iron housing
Dimension Footprint: W x D = 9.84" x 20.08" (250mm x 510mm), Height: 19.69" (500mm)
Rated voltage 110V~/220V; 50/60 Hz, 10A
Aeration Inlet gas flow-meter 0,0.1-1LPM (0.5L),    0, 0.2-2.5LPM (1L),    0, 1-10LPM (3, 5L),    0, 2-25LPM (10L)
Sparger Orifice ring
Baffle Removable 316L stainless steel baffles
Temperature Heating 1. Thermostat System: built-in heat exchanger (550W heater, water circulation pump)
2. Dry heating system (heating blanket or heating base unit)
Cooling Cooling coil and solenoid valve
Range with FS-V-A / B / C series : 5°C (41°F) above coolant up to 60°C (140°F); with FS-V-D series :5°C(41°F) above coolant up to 90°C  (194°F)
Probe Platinum RTD probe (PT-100), non autoclavable
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control
Agitation Drive Removable top brushless motor
Speed range a. For extremely shear-sensitive cell line: 30 - 300rpm  b. For fermentation and cell culture: 30 - 1200rpm (0.5 - 5L) and  30 - 1000rpm (10L)
Resolution 1 rpm increment
Impeller 2 impellers for 0.5-1L vessel and double jacketed vessels  3 impellers for 3L vessel and above  Note: Customized impellers are available upon ordering
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control
pH Range 2 - 14pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Probe Gel-filled electrode, autoclavable
Control mode Manual/Acid start/programmable 15 steps PID control with adjustable deadband, **pH stat with smart feeding technology
DO   Range 0 - 200%
Resolution 0.1%
Probe Polarographic DO sensor; autoclavable
Control mode   1-stage DO cascade response a. Increase or decrease agitation speed  **b. Supply external oxygen source using solenoid valve switch (Oxygen enrichment module required, optional device)  **c. Adjusting DO level using accurate gas mixing control (Gas mixing station module required,      optional device) **DO stat with smart feeding technology
ORP(optional) Measurement range  -/ 2000mV
Resolution 1mV
Probe Gel-filled electrode: autoclavable    
Foam / Level Probe 316L stainless steel protector with insulated PTFE tube, autoclavable, adjustable sensitivity control
Control Mode Foam: On/Off switch Level: On/Off switch control with wet/dry probe set up
Peristaltic Pump Pump number 3 x built-in Watson Marlow pumps, **1-2 external pump extendable (MU-D series required,  optional)
Motor type Precise stepping motor; minimum speed is 1rpm
Speed range 0 to 65rpm
Resolution 1rpm
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps feeding control; pump can be assigned  for Acid, Base,       Antifoam and Substrate; **flow rate & total volume calculation
Exhaust Device type 316L stainless steel condenser

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