proSET C series Vessels

Key Features

Air lifter vessel

Special Requirements?


The proSET C series vessels have been specifically designed for cell types that are extremely sensitive to shear stress. Following a design commonly known as the air lifter, the C series vessels use a microsparger, in the absence of rotating impellers, to provide the mixing force. This method provides much lower shear stress while maintaining suitable aeration for the process cell line. C series vessels feature a 3:1 H:W Ratio for improved mixing and an adjustable draft tube. They are the perfect system for use with the proSET Photobioreactor module. Vessels are available in 5L sizes, with either single or double jacketed options.

Catalogue No. Description
Air lifter vessel (includes air lifter vessel, condenser assembly and micro sparger assembly)
CSFS-V-C053 5L Single wall air lifter vessel
CSFS-V-C054 5L Jacketed air lifter vessel