Flatbed Scanner for TurboScan software.


Key Features

  • Universal and flexible analysis equipment for the clinical laboratory
  • The latest digital image analysis technology
  • Analysis programs and analysis masks can be individually defined
  • Irrespective of filters, special light sources or staining methods
  • High resolution and excellent reproducibility
  • High analysis speed
  • Extremly simple to handle and comfortable to use
  • Reliable, reproducible results
  • Analysis results clearly displayed on the monitor
  • Clear printout of results
  • Software runs under Windows XP and Windows VIST


GTIN: 5055323213717

Special Requirements?


A universal densitometer scanner with software capable of reading 144 tests per minute is available for band quantitation following post-electrophoretic staining.

In terms of flexibility, TurboScan puts all previous systems in the shade. It allows you to create as many individually generated scan masks as you wish. You can also select as many analysis methods as you wish. No other system offers so many options. In clinical work, for example, you can use TurboScan for analysis in the following applications: serum pro-tein electrophoresis, lipo-protein electrophoresis, haemoglobin elec-trophoresis, Hb-A1 electropho-resis, urine electrophoresis, CSF electro-phoresis, Bence-Jones, iso-enzymes, immuno-fixation, iso-electric focusing, multifractional electrophoresis, blots and lots more. It does not matter wether you carry out your methods on dry or wet cellulose acetate strips, on agarose and on other gels or you work with micro, semi-micro or macro application.

Digital image analys

TurboScan uses the latest digital image analysis technology. The advantages to you are obvious: analysis only takes a fraction of the time and the results obtained are reliable with excellent reproducibi-lity. At the same time TurboScan is based on commercial hardware components. The advantage to you – you can use existing PC hardware and save costs.

Perfect analysis

TurboScan has a very high analysis speed. An A4 page is scanned in only 15 seconds. For the standard template with 64 traces, this means an average scanning speed of of 0.23 seconds per separation. The high resolution guarantees reliable results with excellent reproducibi-lity. The analysis data are clearly presented on the colour monitor. The printout shows all the relevant data in a clear form, starting with the image of separation, the graphs, then the laboratory and patient data through to the results in percentages and absolute figures, the normal ranges and your comments.

Easy to operate

In most laboratories, lack of time is a major problem, so careful attention was paid to this aspect when developing the TurboScan. Despite its flexibility and multiple options, it is therefore simple and comfortable to operate. Even under pressure, you will easily find your way round the TurboScan and sources of error are greatly reduced.

The TurboScan software

The TurboScan software lies at the hart of the system. It reflects more than 20 years’ experience in this field of electrophoresis analysis. TurboScan automatically recogni-zes the fractions and assignments present. Each individual separation is automatically coded and every fraction outside the normal range is automatically identified optically. You merely have to look up the result and interpret it. As a matter of course, TurboScan offers you a variety of correction possibilities. You can easily set or delete mini-mums, correct the baseline, curves of graphs or the albumin factor. After any amendment, TurboScan naturally recalculates all the data for you.

With data processing connection

You can easily connect TurboScan to your DP unit via bi-directional RS-232 interface. This guarantees data exchange between TurboScan and your DP equipment.

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This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.