omniPAGE Mini Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System


Key Features

  • Run a maximum of 4 gels within an hour
  • Perform 2-D and blotting within a day
  • Undertake discovery projects
  • Screen new samples and evaluate sample preparation conditions
Special Requirements?


Cleaver Scientific Mini Vertical systems are predominantly used for protein electrophoresis. They include the OmniPAGE CVS10TETRAD systems equipped with enough combs and glass plates to run 4 gels, and the standard OmniPAGE CVS10 systems, which accommodate up to 2 handcast or commercial precast gels.

By combining both functionality and ease of use, the OmniPAGE CVS10TETRAD and standard OmniPAGE CVS10 systems set the bench mark for simple, versatile vertical mini gel electrophoresis. Each OmniPAGE electrophoresis system can accommodate up to 4 handcast gels and 2 commercial precast gels to provide complete flexibility for individual research needs, while unique sliding clamp technology within the PAGE insert facilitates fast, intuitive leak-free casting.

With a trouble-free set up and consistent performance, the OmniPAGE Mini Vertical systems are perfect for today’s laboratories, where the ability to generate reproducible results quickly is essential.

Catalogue Page Number: 34

Unit Dimensions (cm)19 x 13 x 1519 x 13 x 1519 x 13 x 1519 x 13 x 15
Weight (Kg)
Capacity1 - 4 Gels1 - 4 Gels1 - 4 Gels1 - 4 Gels
Maximum Sample Capacity80808080
Base Buffer Volume250250250250
Typical Running Conditions1-2 hours at 90-225V1-2 hours at 90-225V1-2 hours at 90-225V1-2 hours at 90-225V
Gel Dimensions8 x 8.58 x 8.58 x 8.58 x 8.5
Maximum Buffer Volume (ml)1200120012001200
Blotting InsertVS10BIVS10BIVS10BIVS10BI
Includes Additional CasterFALSEFALSETRUEFALSE
Plate Dimensions10 x 10 x 0.210 x 10 x 0.210 x 10 x 0.210 x 10 x 0.2


omniPAGE Mini – Casting Stand without base (no electrodes)
omniPAGE Mini – Casting Stand with base
omniPAGE Mini – Casting base
VS10DCAST £96.00
omniPAGE Mini – Replacement Caster Sealing Mat
VS10DCASTM £25.00
omniPAGE Mini – Inner Running Module
CVS10DIRM £185.00
omniPAGE Mini – Cooling Block.
VS10ICB £22.00
Glass Plates for the omniPAGE Mini
VS10GLASS £14.00
omniPAGE Mini – Dummy Plate, 10 x 10cm
VS10DP £12.00
Spacers for the omniPAGE Mini
VS10SPACER £12.00
Combs for the omniPAGE Mini
VS10COMB £27.00
Replacement Platinum Wire 0.2mm – 100cm
RPW0.2100 £140.00