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How to cast and run an agarose gel using the Horizontal MultiSUB Mini Electrophoresis System


The MultiSUB Mini horizontal electrophoresis system from Cleaver Scientific is the smallest unit in the range and is ideal for quick sample checks of small to medium volumes. It’s slim tray makes it an economical choice, perfect when lab bench space is at a premium and it has the versatility of two tray options allowing the user to resolve up to 64 different samples.

The buffer saver blocks reduce the volume of the gel chamber and buffer requirements saving costs even further. The MultiSUB Mini is particularly useful for quick sample checks, particularly following restriction digestion during cloning.

The video and associated transcript below explain in detail how to cast and run an agarose gel using the MultiSUB Mini electrophoresis system.


Dr. Bate’s How to cast and run a MSMINI gel video

Cleaver Scientific have also produced a transcribed version of the above ‘How to’ video for ease of use. It is advisable to watch the video initially to understand the correct procedures.

How to cast and run an agarose gel using the Horizontal MultiSUB Mini Electrophoresis System from Cleaver Scientific

‘Hi my name is Dr. Mike Bate and in this video I’m going to show you how to cast and run and agarose gel in a horizontal MultiSUB Mini electrophoresis system.

This is what you will need:

Set up the casting

On a level bench surface begin to set up casting using the gel tray and plug and go casting dams. Carefully insert one end of the tray into the inner groove of a casting dam. Repeat with the second dam, before checking that both dams are firmly in position at each end of the tray.

Insert combs

Using the comb slots, insert the combs into the required positions within the tray [see video for demonstration].

Prepare an agarose gel

Typically per 100ml you will need…

0.5-1g Agarose

dissolved in…

100ml 1X TAE or 1X TBE Buffer

Allow to set.

Once set, the gel will become opaque. Carefully remove the casting dams before placing the gel within the tank. Gently remove the combs to avoid tearing the wells. Pour just enough buffer to cover the gel and fill the wells.

Each comb may be turned upside down and reinserted into the tray to provide a convenient loading template, while the red tape on the underside of the tray or on the gel tank platform helps well detection.

Remove the comb and replace the lid, taking note that samples are migrating to the red positive electrode [connect tank cables to power supply].

Gel running information

  • [NanoPAC 300]
  • Typical power supply settings: 80 Volts
  • Current: Max
  • Time: 45mins’

For more information, advice and guidance on the usage of Cleaver Scientific products please get in touch.

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