UVIDOC HD6 – Gel Documentation System

  • 6 megapixels (native) 16 bit Camera
  • UV-transilluminator
  • Stainless-steel made, Chemical-resistant paint
  • Fully automated system (lighting, focus, exposure)
  • Uvitec-1D included License-free software for unlimited users

Cleaver Scientific Brand products are now manufactured by and available for purchase direct from Thistle Scientific.

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Many laboratories have already discovered the benefits of UVIDOC’s speed and simplicity. With no learning curve and only a few buttons to press, a high quality printout or a saved image can be produced in seconds, making darkroom queuing a thing of the past.The safety, speed and robustness of UVIDOC HD6 have even made it an essential tool in many teaching laboratories, the ultimate multi-user environment! UVIDOC HD6 Touch is a superbly designed documentation system featuring a unique combination of simplicity and versatility. Made of a true internal SSD drive, the UVIDOC HD6 cannot be compared with fragile tablet gel doc system! It operates as a stand-alone unit for producing high quality megapixel images. These can be easily saved on a USB drive or transferred to a computer via the network LAN.

  • Stand-alone: no additional computer required
  • Ideal for multi-user environments
  • 6-megapixel native camera resolution
  • 16-bit pixel depth delivering up to 65,535 shades of gray
  • Suitable for both routine documentation & critical quantitative applications
  • Saturation monitoring of live images to ensure they are fully quantifiable
  • UV safety switch and override button
  • Robust steel and stainless steel construction
  • up to 8 USB ports (flash drives, thermal printers, mouse and keyboard…)
  • Auto-exposure
  • Fully networkable allowing easy image transfer to a PC
  • 12.2” high-end HD touch screen with top-quality 16/9 LCD panel
  • 3-position filter wheel
  • Optimized, proprietary F-590 EtBr emission filter included
  • White light epi-illumination LED panels
  • License-free Uvitec-1D software included, for both image enhancement, editing and analysis

For more information contact our support team at support@cleaverscientific.com or for a quote contact our sales team at info@cleaverscientific.com.  

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Product Includes: UVIDOC Gel Documentation System and Analysis Software

16-bit camera
65,536 shades of grey
4 Dynamic range (OD)
F/1.2 scientific zoom lens
6 megapixels (native)
High-speed USB technology
Passive cooling system for significant noise reduction
Lighting & illuminations
UV-transilluminator: 20M, 26M, 26MX (Uvipure) 26LM (dual), 20Blue
Epi-white LED panels
Trans-white light (optional)
Trans-blue light (optional)
Stainless-steel made
Chemical-resistant paint
Full door aperture and slide- out transilluminators
Fully automated system (lighting, focus, exposure) 100% Software-controlled
F-590 filter included
Fixed transilluminator
Uvitec-1D included License-free software for unlimited users
Image acquisition, editing and analysis features

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