Key Features

  • Pre-focused 5 mega pixel monochrome camera
  • Interchangeable filter slide with 620nm
  • Viewing pane with universal amber filter
  • Internal white LED – aids gel
  • Slide-out 312nm transilluminator
  • Optional white light table
  • Optional Blue light modules
  • Large 21x26cm filter area
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Affordable, high performance gel documentation and analysis

The omniDOC is the first of two new systems from Cleaver Scientific offering high performance gel documentation and analysis at a relatively low cost. By providing many of the features used by leading gel documentation brands, but without the added price premium, each omniDOC system presents a simple but sophisticated imaging solution for most laboratories. A high resolution 5 mega pixel monochrome camera with slide-out UV transilluminator, and optional blue epi-illu -mination module and white light table, makes the omniDOC suitable for imaging most fluorescent and colorimetric gels, while a USB port requires a cable to connect the dark room assembly to an external PC for control. Imaging applicationsare made easy by a pre-focused camera that requires little orno manual adjustment, while simple one-click image acquisition and analysis software guides the user through every step of the gel documentation process. A front LED indicator panel reveals at a glance the light source in use, whereas a viewing screen with universal filter and spring-loaded cover facilitates safe and convenient gel inspection.


Please see Literature tab above for full specifications.

Ordering Information

 omniDOC Gel doc system, EtBr Filter, Viewing Window, 560nm Requires a PC or laptop with USB cable
omniDOCSAFE OMNIDOC plus Blue LED Epi-illumination Module (OMNIDOC-BL), and 520, 560 & 580nm filters
(OMNIDOC-SYBR, -AF560 & -AF580)
omniDOCPRO OMNIDOC plus White Light Table (OMNIDOC-WLT)
omniDOCPROSAFE OMNIDOC plus Blue LED Epi-illumination Module (OMNIDOC-BL), and 520, 560 & 580nm filters
(OMNIDOC-SYBR, -AF560 & -AF580); and White Light Table (OMNIDOC-WLT)



UV Transilluminator

312nm, 21x26cm (WxL); 6x8W tubes


5 mega pixels (2592x1944 pixels maximum)


CMOS, 1/2.5”, Monochrome


5mm focal length; aperture F1.2

Image Bit-Depth Sensor

12-bit (0-4095 grey levels)

Filter Camera

620nm EtBr (standard); optional 520, 560, 580nm filters

Image Storage

PC or Laptop

Connection to Operating Device


Operating System Requirements for Software

Windowsâ 7 (64bit & 32bit) / XP / Vista

Dark Room Assembly Dimensions

410 x 405 x 570mm (W x D x H)

Front Panel Display


Viewing Window

560nm universal orange filter

White Light

6x1W LED (standard) for gel positioning

White Light Table (optional)

21x26cm filter; connects internally to dark room

Blue LED Epi-illumination Module (optional)

excitation wavelength 470nm; connects internally to dark room


Safety interlock switch on front door panel; disconnects UV transilluminator on opening; complies with CE, FCC standards

USB Port

For PC connection

Wi-Fi Format


Power Rating  

Dual voltage: 110-230VAC




OmniDOC Blud LED Epi-illumination Module
OMNIDOC-BL £470.00
OmniDOC Replacement EtBr filter, 620nm
OMNIDOC-EB £270.00
OmniDOC YBR Filter (520nm)
OmniDOC Orange Filter (580nm)
OMNIDOC-AF580 £76.00
OmniDOC Yellow Filter (560nm)
OMNIDOC-AF560 £76.00
OmniDOC Replacement Viewing Window
OMNIDOC-F1 £50.00