Key Features

• Compact, fits in the palm of your hand
• Exchangeable blocks, for tubes 0.2 to 50ml
• Clear cover ensures temp, uniformity
• Digital temperature control
• Portable (Optional 12V car adapter)
• User tempreature calibration
• Can be used as a mini water bath or bead bath
• Outstanding heating rate
• Single molded chamber, no cracks or welds
• PTFE coated chamber resistance stain

Special Requirements?


A breakthrough in size and economy, our NEW microBLOCK Mini Dry Bath is truly the first personal block incubator. Whether your customers are incubating PCR strips or tube sizes up to 50mL, the compact microBLOCK Mini has the smallest footprint of any digital dry bath on the market.

Ordering Information

 MBDB-01   MicroBLOCK Digital Dry Bath, with block lifter (No Block Supplied) 100- 240V


For 0.2ml tube (PCR Strip Tube), 32 wells, 6.35mm, depth 19mm, L71 x W47 x H32mm
MD-MINI-B01 £47.00
For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, 10.8mm, depth 28.5mm, L71 x W47 x H32mm
MD-MINI-B02 £47.00
For 15ml tube , 6 wells, 17.3mm, depth 70mm, L71 x W47 x H75mm
MD-MINI-B03 £47.00
For 50ml tube , 2 wells, 29.2mm, depth 72mm, L71 x W47 x H75mm
MD-MINI-B04 £47.00
For 0.5ml tube , 12 wells, 8.0mm, depth 25mm, L71 x W47 x H32mm
MD-MINI-B05 £47.00
For 2.0ml or 1.5ml tube , 12 wells, 11.0mm, depth 30mm, L71 x W47 x H32mm
MD-MINI-B06 £47.00
For 1.5ml tube, 12 wells, 10.9mm, depth 30mm, L71 x W47 x H32mm
MD-MINI-B07 £47.00
Block Lifter 95mm, with E-Type Retaining Rings
MS-BL95-E £17.00
MicroBLOCK 12V Vehicle power adaptor
MB-A12V £42.51