gelONE Gel Documentation System with in built touch screen


Key Features

  • In built 7” touch screen with intuitive acquisition software
  • 5 megapixel camera with excellent low light sensitivity
  • Integrated computer dedicated to imaging for efficient acquisition
  • f/1.2 motor driven zoom lens
  • White LED lighting for sample positioning
  • Safety switch prevents accidental UV exposure
  • Included 302nm UV transilluminator and imaging filter with a range of options available


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The gelONE is the ultimate in simplicity, with automated acquisition through an intuitive touch screen interface.

Compatible with both traditional DNA stains and safe stains, the gelONE is suitable for any lab.

5 Megapixel camera gives excellent low light sensitivity for clear resolution of closely spaced DNA bands and ensures even low levels of fluorescence are detected

The 20 x 24 cm imaging area means even large gels can be imaged with ease.

Images are captured using the built in software, and saved direct to USB memory stocks for transfer to PC. The geneQUANT advanced image analysis package is included with all systems license free.


DNA – Image Agarose gels stained with EtBr, SYBR stains and runSAFE
AutoRads – the gelONEs high resolution camera makes it ideal for capturing Autorads
Visible Light – Image Coomassie stained gels, tissues, slides and films

Download a demonstration version of the system software here

Product Includes: gelONE Imaging System, UV Transilluminator, UV filter, software USB with gelQUANT software, power cable and Instruction manuals

This unit has a 24 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Unit Dimensions (cm) 31 x 45 x 75
Weight (g) 20
Construction Powder Coated Steel & Moulded Plastic
Transilluminator Size 20 x 24 cm
Transilluminator Wavelength 302
Viewing Size (cm) 20 x 24
Display Touch Screen
Sensor Bit-Depth 12/16 bit
Sensor Dynamic Range 3.6/4.8 (extended)
Lens 8 - 48mm f/1.2
Image Storage SGD, TIF
Emission Filters Multiple options available
Blue Light Optional
Epi White Light Included
White Light Table Optional
Advanced Analysis Features Yes
Analysis Software Included
Compliance Marks CE
Operating System Requirements Windows