EZEE UltraBlue protein staining solution, 500ml

Key Features

  • Applications includes: native PAGE, SDSPAGE, isoelectric focusing, and 2D gels
  • Sensitive – detection of protein concentration as low as 10 ng
  • Speed – optimal protein bands visualization within 10 minutes
  • Safe – absence of hazardous chemicals such as methanol, acetic acid, and other toxic agents
Special Requirements?


EZEE UltraBlue is a sensitive, safe and environmentally friendly protein stain compatible with mass spectrometry. EZEE UltraBlue is an enhanced Coomassie based protein stain formulated for fast and sensitive protein detection without the involvement of hazardous chemicals such as methanol and acetic acid. Protein detection limits are as low as 10ng and visualization can be achieved in less than 1 hour.

Product Includes: 500 ml stain

Catalogue Page Number: 48

Volume (ml)500
Pack Size1