Denaturing Gradient Electrophoresis Temperature Control Unit


Key Features

  • Maximum 96-sample throughput compatible with microplates and thermal cycler blocks
  • Four-screw vertical clamping technology accelerates set up
  • Large format 20x20cm glass plates for improved resolution
  • 100ml gradient mixer, with valve-controlled 50ml reservoir and mixing chambers, makes two 1mm parallel denaturing gradient gels
  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature control unit accurate to 0.02C
Special Requirements?


The redesigned VS20DGGETC temperature control unit combines buffer recirculation with a heat sensor and 1.4kW heating element to facilitate precise temperature control to within 0.02C, allowing the gel temperature to be set to the melting temperature (Tm) of the amplified DNA polymorphism or mutation of interest. Other benefits include; a conspicuous 4-digit 16mm LED panel to aid set-up, precise tuning to within 0.1C resolution, an operating set point, plus three adjustable pre-set temperature values, and stirred buffer circulation for temperature stability and uniformity.

Programmable power supply option

At 500V, 800mA and 300W outputs, the optional CS-500V power supply provides full flexibility for different mutation detection techniques.


Ordering Information

VS20WAVE-DGGETC VS20WAVE-DGGE Temperature Control Unit – 240 VAC version


Technical Specifications

Temperature Control PID
Operating Temperature Range Ambient-100C
Working Temperature Range (DGGE) 45-70C
Buffer Recirculation Mechanism Stirring
Temperature Uniformity/Stability at 37Ì´åÁC 0.05/0.02C
Setting/Display Resolution 0.1C
Safety Fluid-level float switch; isolated; IEC 1010 / CE
Stored Temperature Values 4
Heater Power at 230V/110VAC 1.4/1.3kW
Electrical Power at 230V/100VAC 1.5/1.4kW (50-60Hz)