Cube Dry Baths


Key Features

  • Microprocessor control with digital performance for precise, accurate control
  • Wide temperature control range with excellent uniformity
  • Rapid temperature increase rate
  • LCD screen showing timer and temperature simultaneously
  • User temperature calibration
  • Data logging and function control software available
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Cleaver Scientific’s Cube Digital Dry Baths are available in single and dual block models, and comprise a comprehensive range of interchangeable blocks. Each digital dry bath is compact, easy-to-use and excellent value for money.

Interchangeable quick-change blocks have fast heat-up times and reproducible temperature uniformity and accuracy, and may be used in a variety of applications, which include; restriction digestion, BUN, melting agar, coagulation studies, hybridisation, Hot Start PCR® reactions and DNA denaturation. Because of an impermeable moulded aluminium alloy block construction, each Cube Dry Bath may also be adapted as a mini water bath incubator if desired.

Both dry baths incorporate a digital microprocessor controller for accurate temperature control in 0.1°C increments from ambient +5°C to 150°C. Rapid and easy programming is facilitated by the easy to use arrow keys on the sloped front panel, while both the temperature and running time are shown simultaneously on the conspicuous dual digital LCD display. Two software options are available for data logging to a PC and computer control (please enquire).

Ordering Information

 TCDB-01  Cube Dry Bath Incubator (one block unit); without block, 240V
 TCDB-01$  Cube Dry Bath Incubator (one block unit); without block, 110V
 TCDB-02  Cube Dry Bath Incubator (dual block unit); without block, 240V
 TCDB-02$  Cube Dry Bath Incubator (dual block unit); without block, 110V


SKU Code TCDB-01 (1 Block) TCDB-02 (2 Blocks)
Display LCD Display
Heating Power 125W 200W
Unit Dims 5.98" x 5.91" x 5.31"(152 x 150 x 135 mm) 5.98" x 9.06" x 5.31"(152 x 230 x 135 mm)
Controller Digital Microprocessor Controller
Heating Chamber Molded aluminum alloy chamber
Temperature Range 5° C above ambient to 150°C
Temperature Increment 0.1° C
Temperature Uniformity at 37°C within 0.2°C
Temperature Accuracy at 37°C  within 0.2° C
 Temperature Calibration Yes
 Timer   Up to 99(hr) : 59(min), continuous
 Safety Device   Leak proof heating chambeOver temperature protectionSSR failure detection
 Operating Temperature   Ambient to 40°C
 Special Feature   Used as water bath incubator
 Block Material   Aluminum alloy
 Block Type   Standard and customized type are available
 Data Log   RS232
 Rated Voltage   110V or 220V
 Weight  Approx. 4.62 lb (2.1 kg)  Approx. 6.16 lb (2.8 kg)
Block Specs
Block Material Aluminum alloy
Dimension (W x L x H) 3.11" x 4.09" x 1.97" (79 x 104 x 50 mm)
Block Lifter well Yes
Thermometer Yes (except microplate blocks)


Cube Dry Baths RS232 Cable
MD-RS232 £59.00
Block for 0.5 ml tube, 20 wells
MD-B0.5 £101.00
Block for 0.2 ml tube, 64 wells or for 0.2 ml PCR strip tubes for 8 wells x 8
MD-B0.2 £101.00
Block for 1.5 ml tube, 20 wells
MD-B1.5 £101.00
Block well size 13 mm, 20 wells
MD-B13 £101.00
Block for 15 ml centrifuge tube, 12 wells
MD-B17 £101.00
Block well size 20 mm, 12 wells
MD-B20 £101.00
Block well size 25 mm, 6 wells
MD-B25 £101.00
Block for 50 ml centrifuge tube, 4 wells
MD-B29 £101.00
Combination block : for 0.5 ml tube, 12 wells and for 1.5 or 2.0 ml tube, 12 wells (on the same side)
MD-B0.5PLUS1.5 £101.00
Double side block: one side for 1.5 or 2.0 ml tube, 20 wells; Opposite side for 0.5 ml tube, 30 wells
MD-B0.5/1.5 £134.00
Block for 96 wells deep Microplate or PCR plate for Dual Block Unit Only
MD-MP02-D £242.00
Block for Microplate; Titerplate Plain Block for Dual Block Unit Only
MD-MP01-D £242.00
Block for 96 wells deep Microplate or PCR plate for Single Block Unit Only
MD-MP02-S £173.00
Block for Microplate; Titerplate Plain Block for Single Block Unit Only
MD-MP01-S £116.00