ClearSight MSMAXIDUO, Fan & power source.


Key Features

  • View youR gel more easily
  • Removes some of the heat generated by the electrophoresis procedure
  • Unique feature to the multiSUB™ range of tanks


GTIN: 5055323266751

Special Requirements?


New Cleaver Scientific ClearSight Electrophoresis

A common problem associated with electrophoresis is condensation build up on the lids which obscures the progress of the run. This can make it difficult to see the dye progression in the gel and thus difficult to work out how far the samples have actually run. It is often the case that the gel is stopped and checked by removing the lid which is time consuming. Cleaver Scientific ClearSight lids solve this problem.

These completely remove any condensation build up and give a perfectly clear view of the gel and the dye lane progression during the run using a USB powered fan within the lid. These are available either purchased as complete systems or if you already own a Cleaver Scientific gel tank as an upgrade. Simply plug the lid into the USB source that is supplied and experience perfect clearly visible gels every time.

Product Includes: 1 x multiSUB Maxi Comb, 20 sample MC, 1mm thick (MS20-20MC-1-U), 1 x multiSUB Maxi Gel tray Dams (MS20-UVDAM), 1 x multiSUB Maxi tank, no electrodes (MS20TMOULDING), 1 x multiSUB Maxi Viewing Platform (MS20-WP), 2 x multiSUB Maxi Loading Guides (MS20-LG), 1 x Electrophoresis cable (Black & Red) (CSL-CAB), 1 x multiSUB Maxi Negative Electrode (MS20-NE), 1 x multiSUB Maxi Positive Electrode (MS20-PE), 1 x ClearSight Lid for multiSUB Maxi, Fan & power source. (CLEARSIGHTMAXI), 1 x multiSUB Maxi 20 x 20cm Gel tray (MS20-UV20), 1 x multiSUB Maxi 20 x 10cm Gel tray (MS20-UV10), 1 x multiSUB Maxi 20 x 20cm Gel tray (MS20-UV20)

Catalogue Page Number: 15

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Unit Dimensions (cm)23 x 39.5 x 9
Maximum Sample Capacity450
Base Buffer Volume1200
Buffer RecirculationNo
Flexicaster OptionsMS15/20-FC, MS26-FC
Typical Running Conditions100-150V, 60-90 minutes
Bromophenol Blue Migration Rate~4-6.5cm/h at 100-150V
Gel Dimensions20 x 10 & 20 x 20