AquaLab Eco Water Distiller

  • Outputs of 2 and 4 L/hr dependent on model.
  • high temperature cut-off protects the heaters in the event of water failure.
  • Pre-treated Feed Option.
  • Matching 30L Reservoir Tank (AquaLabEco-Reservoir).
  • Highest Purity, Pyrogen Free Distillate.
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Guaranteed Purity

Incorporating the same patented vapour trap as the AquaLab Pro, the AquaLab Eco produces the very highest quality pyrogen free water. Purity is also assured through all borosilicate glass construction and the use of durable, silica sheathed heating elements.

Convenient Automatic Operation

The AquaLab Eco can be connected directly to a mains tap supply or where preferred, from a pre-treated water supply using the optional pre-treated feed kit. An automatic flow controller governs the rate of water consumption and allows the unit to be used over a wide tap water pressure range. In the pre-treated mode, purified water is fed directly to the boiler and tap water is used for cooling purposes only. The AquaLab Eco Still is offered with an optional reservoir tank which allows a reserve of up to 30 litres of storage capacity. The tank’s poly ethylene liner is fitted with an air filter, fast flow tap and contents sight tube and provides a convenient and compact collection system. Auto matic shut off is provided by the Still’s controls.

Safe and Easy to Use

A high temperature cut-off protects the heaters in the event of water failure, while operator safety is assured through totally enclosed glassware. The AquaLab Eco stills and the optional reservoir tank can be bench or wall mounted. For ease of cleaning, the Still is fitted with a boiler drain valve. Cleaning solution is simply introduced into the boiler, via the constant level device – no dismantling is necessary.

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Output capacity 2 litres . hr-¹ Single distilled 4 litres . hr-¹ Single distilled
Pyrogen Free Yes Yes
pH 5.6-6.0 5.6-6.0
Conductivity 1µS. cm-¹ 1µS. cm-¹
Power Rating 1.8kW 3.0kW
Tap Water Pressure (minmax)* 70-560 kPa 10-80² 70-560 kPa 10-80²
Minimum Water Pressure for Pre-treated   Flow Valve Option 15 kPa 2² 15 kPa 2²
Tap Water Flow (min) 0.5 litres.min-¹ 1 litre.min-¹
Dimensions (HxWxD)mm 790 x 260 x 325 790 x 260 x 325
Weight 15 kg 15 kg
AquaLab Eco Water Distiller 4L 240V


AquaLab Eco Water Distiller 4L 220V


AquaLab Eco Water Distiller 4L 120V$



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