Home News Cleaver Scientific Launches new HTP COMET Tank – COMPAC-50

Cleaver Scientific Launches new HTP COMET Tank – COMPAC-50

High Throughput COMET Assay System

Cleaver Scientific has introduced the innovative new COMPAC-50 High Throughput COMET Assay system.

Developed in collaboration with the Oxidative Stress Group at the University of Leicester (Leicester, UK), the unique design of the COMPAC-50 enables simultaneous electrophoresis of up to 50 COMET Assay slides saving considerable lab space and reducing slide handling time by up to two-thirds when compared to previous standard methods. This would equate to a significant time-saving of up to 90% when handling 50 COMET Assay slides.

The COMET Assay is an increasingly popular procedure for assessing DNA damage, both in academic and commercial research labs. Recently the COMET Assay has been introduced into standard tests, used for genotoxicity, by the pharmaceutical industry and for the regulation of chemicals within the European Commission’s Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals Programme. However, the sample throughput of the COMET Assay has traditionally been a limiting factor, typically limited to handling smaller numbers of slides, and a time-consuming procedure due to their individual manipulation.

The COMPAC-50 incorporates a novel methodology by which multiple slides may be simultaneously manipulated, and undergo electrophoresis, in batches of 25 rather than individually. This decreases assay time by 60%, and offers users the benefit of an electrophoresis tank with a substantially smaller footprint, and more uniform orientation of gels during electrophoresis, than is currently commercially available. This new high-throughput COMET Assay device will greatly increase the number of samples that can be analysed, decrease assay time, reagent requirements and risk of damage/loss of fragile low melting point gels.  The new methodology employed by the COMPAC-50 is likely to make a significant impact upon the growing applications of the COMET Assay and be widely adopted as it makes a cumbersome assay much more refined.

The COMPAC-50 marks the first of a new range of innovative systems designed specifically for rapid high throughput single cell gel electrophoresis from Cleaver Scientific.  For further information on the COMPAC-50 please visit www.cleaverscientific.com/electrophoresis-products/compac-50-htp-comet-assay-tank/ or contact Cleaver Scientific on +44-1788-565300 / info@cleaverscientific.com.

Since developing the principle of the COMPAC-50, the Oxidative Stress Group has moved to Florida International University (FIU). Housed in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, at FIU, the Oxidative Stress Group is one of the foremost groups undertaking oxidative stress research, specifically examining damage to nucleic acids and the associated nucleotide precursor pools (from which nucleic acids are synthesised). The Group has adopted a fully translational approach to the investigation of oxidative stress in health and disease, from relevant cell culture models, to humans. For further information please contact Dr. Marcus S. Cooke, Professor and Chair, Dept. Environmental and Occupational Health on dlomando@fiu.edu or +1-305-348-7778).


Cleaver Scientific Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative electrophoresis equipment and related products for the life science market and general plastic fabrication and assembly. Based in the UK – Cleaver Scientific maintains an experienced manufacturing and technical team enabling it to offer custom, bespoke designed and manufactured units as well as its standard product range. The ISO 9001 accredited company is committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in its people, products and processes.

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