Our Support Team

Cleaver Scientific’s Support team is here to help.

Please contact the relevant person from the list below:

Sales & Technical Support Team

Not sure who to contact? Please email support@cleaverscientific.com

Sales & Marketing Manager – Territories: UK, East/West Europe, Middle East, Oceania & Central, North & South America
Mr. Alan Phillips  alan@cleaverscientific.com

Business Development Manager – Territories: UK, Scandinavia, Africa & Asia
Tanvi Trehan  tanvi@cleaverscientific.com

Product Development and support – All Territories
Dr. Sara Sandrini sara@cleaverscientific.com

Product Support Specialist – All Territories
Oliver Sinfield  oliver@cleaverscientific.com

Manufacturing & Production

Manufacturing Manager
Mr. Karl Washbrook    karl@cleaverscientific.com


Managing Director
Mr. Adrian Cleaver    adie@cleaverscientific.com

Mrs Helen Cleaver  helen@cleaverscientific.com

Finance Manager
Mrs. Averill Haynes  averill@cleaverscientific.com

Order Processing
Mrs Brenda Russell  orders@cleaverscientific.com

Mrs Lisa Dobin   shipping@cleaverscientific.com