Q3 Newsletter 2019

Getting ready to head back into the lab for the new academic year?

We’ve been working hard to bring new offers and resources to you throughout the last 3 months. If you missed any of our updates you can catch up with our Q3 summary below.

New Applications Pages

Comet Assay

The Comet Assay is an electrophoretic technique for analysing DNA damage in cells. We’ve put together an introduction to the background of the technique to help you get started.

Polyacrylamide Gels

PAGE is the standard technique for separating proteins by their molecular weights. In this brief primer we cover the background and equipment needed to run a successful gel.

Watch your gels run in real time

Our runVIEW mini gel viewer makes messy gel handling a thing of the past. See your DNA migrate in real time with the blue light illuminator. Works with Safe stains and Ethidium Bromide.

You can now get a runVIEW mini with a gel tank for the same price as a regular tank!

Our great summer offers have been extended for  the autumn term

Over the summer we gave some great offers on some of our most popular products.

Don’t worry if you missed out, we’ve extended the deals until the end of the Autumn term!

Did you know?

We can make custom lab equipment for all your weird and wonderful experiments!

If you have a custom requirement that you’re looking to get made, give us a call. Our fabrication team have built custom products for research labs and biotech companies all across the globe.

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