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Custom Gel Tanks

Cleaver Scientific manufactured us 10 x custom made electrophoresis tanks for running our Gene Read gels. The tanks were made to the exact specification we had requested, and we are extremely pleased with the finished product. From my initial contact with Tanvi (International Sales Manager) I found her to be particularly helpful; as was Lisa from the shipping department, especially when we had issues with the courier repeatedly marking our shipment as ‘unwanted’ (which was not the case!) and returning it to Cleaver. This issue was smoothly resolved by using an alternative courier. Overall the service we received from Cleaver Scientific was excellent and they produced us a high quality product for a really competitive price. We would be more than happy to use Cleaver Scientific again in the future.

Sharon McCormack, NHS/GDL Manchester

UV Cabinets

Here at Touchlight Genetics we need and require a sterile workspace for the preparation of our RNA and DNA samples and templates. We have therefore made good use of our UV Sterilisation Cabinet from Cleaver Scientific, which enables us to work in a clean, safe and contained environment. Touchlight Genetics would highly recommend this product and Cleaver Scientific as a supplier as their customer service has been excellent. Cleaver Scientific has been extremely supportive in ensuring their product is well maintained and meets our requirements.

Dr Lydia Hunter, Touchlight Genetics Ltd

runVIEW real-time electrophoresis

I use the system for my PCR product analysis and especially for gel extractions of DNA. Having the blue light and lid filter build into the system means it’s easy to monitor migration of your bands in real time and cutting out bands is easy. Importantly using the blue light makes sure that my DNA is not degraded and I’ve found that it massively improves the success and quality of my downstream cloning. I use it together with the RunSafe stain and the sensitivity is the best I’ve seen for non-ethidium bromide stains.

Andrew Currin, PhD, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Blue prestained protein ladder

I used much less product than our usual ladder and I got really nice and defined marks that transferred very well on the blot.

Nicole Mai , Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle University