Gel Electrophoresis specialists CLEAVER SCIENTIFIC Ltd (CSL) and their Hungarian distributor Biocenter recently exhibited at and sponsored the 11th International Symposium on VIP, PACAP and related peptides. The event, staged at the University of Pecs in Hungary at the end of August, was an excellent example of the successful collaboration between CSL and their Hungarian distributor and provided a valuable insight into how Cleaver Scientifics’ products are helping with the ground-breaking research undertaken at the university.

Pecs Cathedral
The beautiful Pecs Cathedral

Founded in 1367, The University of Pecs was the first to be established in Hungary in the beautiful city of Pecs which has a 2000 year history, including a diverse Roman, Turkish, Hungarian and Slavic heritage. More recently in 2010 Pecs was made the Cultural Capital of Europe. The university undertakes a wide range of programmes and research and has world renown for its research into the PACAP protein, an important neurotransmitter, neuromodulator and neurotrophic factor.

The symposium took place at the new state-of-the-art science building, The Janos Szentagothai Research Center. This was completed in 2012 to commemorate the 100th birthday of Professor Szentagothai who was Chair of the Anatomy Department in Pecs between 1946 and 1963 and one of his main research areas was neuroendocrinology. Today, many eminent scientists reside in the uniquely designed geothermic research centre undertaking a variety of studies including genetics, neurobiology, molecular pharmacology, biophysics, cell and immune biology, biotechnology, virology, microbiology, plant biology, laboratory diagnostics and analytics.

image from BIOCENTER Hungary-4
Images produced concerning molecular background priming in plant stress responses

During the visit Cleaver Scientific and Biocenter were invited to look around the laboratories of Dr. Gabor Jakab and Dr. Judit Pongracz to see the research work and the equipment being used. This included many of the electrophoresis and gel documentation systems manufactured by Cleaver in the UK and distributed throughout Hungary by Biocenter. CSL gel tanks along with the Microdoc gel documentation system are used on a daily basis in their studies concerning the molecular background of priming in plant stress responses.

Commenting on the Cleaver Scientific Microdoc imaging system, laboratory technician Sandor Kovacs said, “Microdoc is a versatile and very easy to use imaging system which provides us with exactly what we require and at a very competitive price. We use this system almost every day for taking images of DNA gels and also GFP”.

Cleaver Scientific are now firmly established as the leading specialist in electrophoresis products offering everything from precision manufactured gel tanks to chemicals, gel documentation systems, along with general laboratory, radiation safety products and much more. The focus of the company is very much on creativity and innovation combined with a reputation for high-quality, high-specification UK manufactured products.