Work Cabinet 49 x 55 x 37cm


Key Features


  • Sizeable ergonomic working space
  • Option of being fully enclosed
  • Sitting or standing position for unobstructed views
  • All round user protection
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Cleaver Scientific cabinets provide a convenient area to carry out work with beta and gamma emitting isotopes with complete all round protection. Each cabinet’s 49 x 55 x 37cm dimensions offer a large working area without impeding vision, either in a standing or seated position.

Services can also be used inside the cabinet via a rear port. The back panel has a pipette holder to keep the work surface clear.

The unit can store radioactive materials when the hinged doors are closed. These cabinets are compatible with 68 x 54cm trays, CSR-TY4, CSR-TW4 and CSR-TO4.

Gamma cabinets have a standard lead equivalence of 0.5mm but can be custom ordered in a range of thicknesses as follows:

Type Physical Thickness Lead Equivalent[1] Weight (kg per m2) Maximum Dimensions (mm)
H8 8.5mm ± 0.7mm 0.3mm 14kg 1830 x 2440
H12 12mm ± 1mm 0.5mm 19kg 1830 x 2440
H18 18mm ± 1mm 0.8mm 29kg 1830 x 2440
H22 22mm ± 2mm 1.1mm 35kg 1830 x 2440
H35 35mm ± 2mm 1.5mm 56kg 1830 x 2440
H46 46mm ± 3mm 2.2mm 74kg 1220 x 2440
H70 70mm ± 3mm 3.0mm 112kg 1220 x 2440


Ordering Information

CSR-CAB Beta Work Cabinet, 49 x 55 x 37cm
CSR-CABG Gamma Work Cabinet, 49 x 55 x 37cm


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BioHazard Tray – White
Liners – 68 x 54cm, Pk/25 (for UV Cabinet)
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