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Complete Mini RGB Blotting package with chemiPRO XL

  • The ultimate western blot imaging system, combined with the highest quality electrophoresis equipment
  • Huge 30 x 22 cm imaging area with a 6 megapixel image
  • Includes all essential equipment from mini gel running to image analysis
  • RGB module included for fluorescent western blots
  • Reagents start-up kit included.
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The chemiPRO XL is our top of the range imaging system and makes a perfect complement to our omniPAGE vertical electrophoresis systems and semi-dry blotters. chemiPRO XL features fully automated image acquisitions for gels, blots and a whole range of fluorescent applications when equipped with the optional RGB and IR modules.

This package included everything required to get started running PAGE gels, blotting and imaging them using chemiluminescence. The omniPAGE mini vertical gel tank runs up to 4 hand cast gels and works perfectly with the wide range pre-stained protein ladder. Commercial precast gels can also be used.

The powerPRO 3AMP power supply runs both the gel tank, and semi-dry blotter. Included are reagents and accessories for blotting, including a blot roller, PAGE running buffer, PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane, single-step blocking solution and high sensitivity ECL substrate.

The chemiPRO XL features a cooled CCD camera, full motorised stage and filter wheel and an RGB module to enable fluorescent blot imaging.

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Product Includes: omniPAGE Mini System with Caster, Blue Wide Range Protein Ladder (10-245kDa), Tris-Glycine SDS 10X – 1 litre, PowerPRO 3AMP Power Supply, 300V, 3000mA, 300W, Semi Dry Mini, 20 x 20cm System, Roll PVDF 28 cm x 3 m, 0.22 µm, Blot-Absorbent Filter paper, 10 x 10cm, pack of 50, 10cm acrylic roller for western blotting, EZEE JUSTBLOCK Western Blocking solution and signal enhancer, 500ml, LumiPRO ECL substrate kit: 50ml Luminol/enhancer solution; 50ml Peroxide solution, chemiPRO XL6 Imaging System without UVT, 230V, 50Hz, HILED Lighting option covering Red, Green and Blue, 525nm Filter (range 516-539m) , 605nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 594-610nm), 705nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 700-720nm), Transilluminator (25x30cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz + runners

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