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Complete Mini RGB Blotting package with chemiPRO

  • Complete package for western blotting of mini gels using chemiluminescence, RGB module included for fluorescent blot imaging
  • chemiPRO Imager features UV transilluminator for gel documentation
  • Maximum imaging size of 30 x 22 cm suitable for use with mini or maxi gels.
  • Includes all essential equipment as well as reagent start up kit
  • Includes acquisition and analysis software
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The chemiPRO workflow package includes everything required to take a mini gel from sample loading to quantified ECL Image. The omniPAGE Mini vertical gel tank runs up to 4 hand cast gels and works perfectly with the wide range pre-stained protein ladder.

The powerPRO 3AMP power supply runs both the gel tank, and semi-dry blotter. Included are reagents and accessories for blotting, including a blot roller, PAGE running buffer, PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane, single-step blocking solution and high sensitivity ECL substrate.

The chemiPRO imaging system includes a cooled CCD camera and RGB lighting and emission filter module for both chemiluminescence and fluorescence blot imaging. With a large imaging area, up to 4 mini blots can be imaged simultaneously. All software is included making this a truly complete western blotting workflow system.

This unit has a 12 month limited warranty, for more information, consult our terms and conditions.

Product Includes: omniPAGE Mini System with Caster, Blue Wide Range Protein Ladder (10-245kDa), Tris-Glycine SDS 10X – 1 litre, PowerPRO 3AMP Power Supply, 300V, 3000mA, 300W, Semi Dry Mini, 20 x 20cm System, Roll PVDF 28 cm x 3 m, 0.22 µm, Blot-Absorbent Filter paper, 10 x 10cm, pack of 50, 10cm acrylic roller for western blotting, EZEE JUSTBLOCK Western Blocking solution and signal enhancer, 500ml, LumiPRO ECL substrate kit: 50ml Luminol/enhancer solution; 50ml Peroxide solution, chemiPRO with 302nm 230V 50Hz (Europe) UVT, HILED Lighting option covering Red, Green and Blue, 525nm Filter (range 516-539m) , 605nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 594-610nm), 705nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 700-720nm)

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