UV Gel Trays

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Key Features

UV Trays available in a range of sizes offering flexible solutions for all MultiSUB Systems.

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Multiple gel tray options available for all MultiSUB horizontal gel electrophoresis systems eliminate the need for additional gel tanks and allow gels to be cast externally, keeping the tank permanently in use for electrophoresis if required.

UV and blue light transparent.

Ordering Information

MS7-UV7 7 x 7cm UV Tray
MS7-UV10 7 x 10cm UV Tray
MS10-UV7 10 x 7cm UV Tray
MS10-UV10 10 x 10cm UV Tray
MS15-UV7 15 x 7cm UV Tray
MS15-UV10 15 x 10cm UV Tray
MS15-UV15 15 x 15cm UV Tray
MS15-UVST20 15 x 20 UV Tray
MS20-UV10 20 x 10cm UV Tray
MS20-UV15 20 x 15cm UV Tray
MS20-UV20 20 x 20cm UV Tray
MS20-UV25 20 x 25cm UV Tray
MS26-UV32 26 x 32cm UV Tray
MS26-UV24 26 x 24cm UV Tray
MS26-UV16 26 x 16cm UV Tray
MS10-UV96 10 x 12cm MS Midi 96 Well UV Tray
MS10-UV96ST 10 x 24cm MS Midi STRETCH 96 Well UV Tray
MSUB4UV6 8 x 6cm UV Tray
MSUB4UV12 8 x 12cm UV Tray
MSUB4UV18 8 x 18cm UV Tray
MS15-UVST25 15 x 25cm UV Tray