TotalLab 1D


Key Features

TotalLab 1D analysis module for agarose and PAGE gels; available only with the purchase of MicroDOC1D models.

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The TotalLab 1D Module is the 1D gel analysis module of TotalLabQuant, the software supplied exclusively with all microDOC1D models. TotalLab 1D features a user-friendly interface and help menu that provide a simple, guided workflow for fast and accurate quantitation and calibration of 1D gels and western blots.

Main benefits include:

  • The capacity to review each step within the automated workflow analysis, and manually intervene or edit if desired
  • Highly developed algorithms which accurately detect lanes and bands even on distorted gel images
  • A range of visualisation tools that facilitate further examination of lane and band data to verify results, including band calibration from Molecular Size standard lanes and accurate quantitation derived from known band volumes
  • Full user control over the visualisation tools and the data displayed, allowing only the important data fields and images of choice to be selected for final output
  • Multiplex analysis



Technical Specification

  • Compatible with 21CFR part 11 compliance module
  • Automatic detection of lanes and bands
  • Automatic background subtraction
  • Image manipulation tools
  • Lane templates
  • Molecular weight calibration
  • Quantity calibration & normalisation
  • Profile deconvolution
  • Reports