SpotQuest – 2D Gel Analysis Software


Key Features

  • Simple analysis software to pick-up and use without training.

  • Same workflow to analyse single-stain and DIGE approach

  • Make your 2D-gel based protein analysis results accurate, sensitive and reliable.

  • Easy to learn, demonstrate and supply to users across all territories.

  • Economical solution for occasional use of 2D gels within your laboratory.

  • Windows Operating Systems, (7, 8 & 10 32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows tablets.



GTIN: 5055323272721

Special Requirements?


SpotQuest is software with basic functionality and easy to use 10-step workflow. It makes it easy for small laboratories and novice users to apply 2D gel electrophoresis as part of molecular biology or biochemistry research. It gives you a quick, simple, objective way to detect and measure changes in protein samples using 2D gel image analysis.


  • 3 minutes to fully analyse 1,000 proteins on each gel image with no need for tedious, subjective spot detection and matching.

  • A 10-step sequence takes you from opening your 2D gel images to generating a map of differentially expressed proteins without setting parameters.

  • A guided automatic workflow means new or occasional users can generate consistent and reliable results every time.


SpotQuest features

  • Simple download and activate with an e-licence

  • Analyses single stain and DIGE experiments

  • Supports .tiff, .img, .png, .gel, .mel images

  • Automatically performs a range of image quality checks and provides feedback

  • Image manipulation tools include rotate, flip, invert and crop

  • Ability to exclude areas of the gel image from the analysis

  • Allows a highly accurate correction of image distortion through the placement of alignment vectors

  • Alignment review step allows adjustments if needed

  • Automatic analysis of aligned image set

    • Spot detection

    • Background subtraction

    • Normalisation

    • 100% matching of all spots across the experiment

  • Filter out spots or areas of the gel image to be excluded from further analysis

  • Group gel images according to experiment structure and spot fold change and ANOVA p-value displayed in review results step.

  • Review of spots using 2D / 3D montage view and spot data table

  • Spot edits on a single gel image copied to all other gel images in the experiment

  • Expression profile plot with error bar showing 3 standard errors within groups

  • Option to export spot measurements as .csv file

  • Spots for picking highlighted on the image view to guide manual picking

  • Report shows an overview of spots selected for picking


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