SpotMap 2D Gel analysis software


Key Features

Easy-to-use, quick and reproducible analysis software for 2D gel electrophoresis and Western blots. Tailored for industry.

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SpotMap addresses the challenges of analysing 2D gels and Western blots. Images are quality checked on upload to address any potential challenges with the analysis. Positional variation in the spot patterns of the 2D gel and blot can make identification of corresponding spots challenging, alignment helps to overcome this. A single spot pattern is created to easily identify the corresponding spots on each image and results are clearly presented for easy reporting.

SpotMap can:

  • Identify spots unique to an image in an analysis.
  • Measure relative coverage of a 2D gel by a Western blot.
  • Compare 2D gels and Western blot to identify those proteins which the antibody recognised.
  • Be used to characterise a host organisms proteome or an anti-HCP antibody.
  • Compare different protein profiles of strains.
  • Monitor proteins through a purification process.
  • And more…

SpotMap has a simple, flexible and reproducible workflow which overlays corresponding spots in the analysis and creates a single spot map. Spots in the map are then categorised as present or absent from each image and used to calculate percentage coverage and identify common or unique spots.