Key Features

CSL-RVHOOD is a portable light weight hood system designed exclusively for use with runVIEW, to aid the viewing of your samples in very bright lit areas or laboratories.

Special Requirements?


CSL-RVHOOD is a portable, lightweight viewing hood designed exclusively for use with RunVIEW – the innovative new system designed for real-time size fractionation and recovery of nucleic acids. It comprises a darkroom hood to help aid viewing of samples in a well lit room. The hood is placed directly over the RVMSCHOICE gel tank located on the RunVIEW base unit, which includes an integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator. The blue LED illuminator provides the excitation source for the DNA gel located within the tank, and following excitation the light emitted is then visualized using either one of the bluVIEW lid options.

Ordering Information

 CSL-RVHOOD  runVIEW viewing hood