Rocking-Shaker Incubator


Key Features


  • 3.5” Large display
  • Touch screen & graphical control interface
  • Built-in Rotisserie function for all modules
  • Rocking shaking motion
  • User temperature calibration
  • Broad temp. control range
  • Timer with alarm function
  • Safety device for system malfunction
  • Safety door switch device
  • Full accessories available
Special Requirements?


The CSL-NHYBRIDROC includes a 27x20cm rocking platform to provide the perfect motion and tilt angle to prevent gels and membranes from drying out during staining, blocking and antibody incubations. Interchangeable hybridisation rotisseries may be exchanged for the rocking platform to allow the CSL-NHYBRIDROC to be customised for the full range of nucleic acid hybridisation applications, including Northern and Southern blotting techniques.

A large 3.6″ colour-touchscreen control panel simplifies manipulation of speed, temperature and time within an easy to programme 3-line display, while a 32-bit microprocessor provides the temperature uniformity and stability necessary to support the most temperature-sensitive applications. With a robust metal chassis and fully stain-resistant interior, the HybridPRO range is designed to withstand the stresses of frequent daily usage.


Ordering Information

  CSL-NHYBRIDROC  Hybridization/Rocking Oven (without rotisserie) –  110/240v Selectable

Technical Specifications

Display 3.5" 64K colour-TFT display
Controller 32-bit Microprocessor-control
Control interface Touch screen & Graphical interface
Timer / Resolution Continuous; Programmable 1-999 with alarm
Rotisserie Speed / Inc. 5-100 rpm / 1 rpm
Temperature Control Range / Resolution Ambient +5C to 85C / 0.1C
Temperature Uniformity ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.2°C at 37°C
Temperature Calibration Yes
Temperature Increment 0.1°C
Dimensions (w x d x h) Inner Chamber 34x22.5x26cm, Exterior 44.2x46.2x45.2cm
Platform Dimensions 27x20cm
Data-logging capacity RS-232
Operating Voltage 110/220V~ 50/60Hz (Dual, selectable)
Construction / Weight Painted metal chassis; ABS front door panel / 29kg
Safety features Safety-door & thermal safety switches; auto shut-off upon fan failure; auto-recovery after power failure
Shaker Motion Rocking
Speed 5 - 100rpm
Optional Rotisserie Speed 5 - 100rpm
Resolution 1rpm


1x Glass tube 40x150mm (d x l) for CSL-HYB-8RT
CSL-HYBBT40X150 £85.78
1x Glass tube 40x200mm (d x l) for CSL-HYB-8RT
CSL-HYBBT40X200 £103.25
1x Glass tube 40x300mm (d x l) for CSL-HYB-8RT
CSL-HYBBT40X300 £103.25
Hybridisation Rotisserie – 1x Rotisserie for 8x40mm glass tubes (tubes not included)
CSL-HYB-8RT £196.97
Hybridisation Rotisserie – 1x Rotisserie for 16x50mm disposable conical tubes (tubes not included)
CSL-HYB-16RT £196.97
Hybridisation Rotisserie – 1x Rotisserie for 24x15mm disposable conical tubes (tubes not included)
CSL-HYB-24RT £196.97
1 x 125ml flask holder without platform
CSL-NHYBFH-125 £34.00
1 x 250ml flask holder without platform
CSL-NHYBFH-250 £34.00
1 x 500ml flask holder without platform
CSL-NHYBFH-500 £34.00