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proPAGE 2 – mini PAGE system for 2 gels

  • Run 1 – 2 precast or hand-cast mini PAGE gels
  • Intuitive casting and gel clamping systems
  • Bonded spacers for reproducibility in casting
  • Injection Moulded construction prevents leaks and extends lifetime.
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The Cleaver Scientific proPAGE is the perfect system for routine mini format polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). proPAGE can run from 1 to 4 gels, hand-cast or pre-cast and is available in a 2 or 4 maximum gel configuration. The intuitive plate sealing system make setup quick and simple, while the high quality moulded parts prevent leaks and ensure a substantial lifetime of the system.

proPAGE 2 includes 1 inner running modules, to run up to 2 gels.

Glass gel casting plates for the proPAGE feature bonded spacers, which help to prevent gel leakage during casting and ensure accurate alignment of the gel edges. The casting frame features a simple cam design that allows the plates to be quickly fastened for casting and the casting base features an ultra-soft silicone seal which ensures a leak proof gel casting process. proPAGE combs feature side teeth to help maintain the correct position during casting and the inner teeth are secluded below a ridge, to avoid air inhibiting the polymerisation of the gel.

More features:

  • Run 1 to 4 precast or hand-cast mini gels
  • Simple and innovative Push-to-Lock cams for precision alignment of casting sandwich on any flat surface
  • Bonded glass spacers available in different thickness
  • Lift-up seal combined with extra soft silicon mat for leak free gel casting
  • Streamline individual casters to maximize casting in restricted bench area of up to 4 gels simultaneously
  • Injection Molded Mini Unit – durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life



Unit Dimension(LxWxH) 180x130x160 mm
Number of gels 1-4
Active Gel Dimension (WxH) 83x73mm
Bonded Spacer plate (WxH) 101x83mm
Short plate (WxH) 101 x 73mm
Gel Thickness 1.0mm, 0.75mm, 1.5mm
Combs 10 wells, 15 wells
Sample Capacity ProPAGE2: 30 samples, 15/gel
ProPAGE4: 60 samples, 15/gel
Tank buffer volume 2 gels: 700ml 4 gels: 1000ml
Pre-cast compatibility Bio-Rad, Pierce, Invitrogen
Typical run times for SDS- PAGE 35–45 min (at 200 V constant)
Recommended Power Supplies nanoPAC-300P, nanoPAC- 500 or powerPRO300
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proPAGE 2 - mini PAGE system for 2 gels, 1mm thick


proPAGE 2 - mini PAGE system for 2 gels, 0.75mm thick


proPAGE 2 - mini PAGE system for 2 gels, 1.5mm thick



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