PCR Master Mix


Key Features

  • Ready-to-use, pre-mixed 2x PCR® MasterMix
    that contains Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR
    buffer, dNTPs, and fluorescent stain and
    loading dye for electrophoresis post-PCR
  • Just mix with an equal volume of DNA and
    primer solution, perform PCR and then run the
    resultant products straight out on an agarose
    gel without prior mixing with loading dye
  • As sensitive as ethidium bromide, but
    without the mutagenicity and associated
    environmental and disposal hazards
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‘Just-Add-DNA’ is a ready-to-use PCR® MasterMix that requires only water, DNA primers and template to execute primer elongation or the DNA polymerisation step of PCR®. With ‘Just-Add-DNA’ MasterMix time-consuming MasterMix preparation is rendered unnecessary, as Taq DNA polymerase, PCR buffer, deoxynucleotides (dNTPs), gel-loading dye and fluorescent stain are already premixed at 2x concentration, and may be dispensed in 25μl aliquots to an identical volume of DNA template and primer solution. Once mixed, PCR may be performed as usual and the resultant PCR products then checked following transfer from the thermal cycler block to an agarose gel, which is visualised on a UV transilluminator or by using runVIEW – our award-winning blue-light real-time horizontal gel electrophoresis system. This master mix uses standard taq polymerase so is not suitable for extended elongations about 2kb.

• Ready-to-use, pre-mixed 2x PCR® MasterMix that contains Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR buffer, dNTPs, and fluorescent stain and loading dye for electrophoresis post-PCR
• Just mix with an equal volume of DNA and primer solution, perform PCR and then run the resultant products straight out on an agarose gel without prior mixing with loading dye
• No agarose gel staining and destaining necessary
• UV- and blue-light fluorescent; perfect for runVIEW (Pg 28)
• Contains Thermus Aquaticus Taq DNA polymerase – expressed and purified from
recombinant E. coli – with 5’-3’ polymerase and exonuclease activities
• Lack of 3’-5’ exonuclease and proofreading activity makes ‘Just-Add-DNA’ useful for PCR based site-directed mutagenesis applications
• As sensitive as ethidium bromide, but without the mutagenicity and associated environmental and disposal hazards
• Long shelf-life: stable for 3 months at room temperature and up to a year at -20°C
• Supplied in two 1.25ml vials to make up to 100 PCR reactions, each of 50μl final volume
• Ideal for use in the GTC96S thermal cycler

        Ordering Information

CSL-JADNA ‘Just-Add-DNA’ MasterMix, 2x 1.25ml vials, sufficient for 100 reactions
CSL-JADNA-10  ‘Just-Add-DNA’ MasterMix, 20x 1.25ml vials, sufficient for 1000 reactions
CSL-RV-JA-DNA CSL-runVIEW PCR kit for users already with thermal cycler; incl. CSL-RVMSCHOICETRIO
plus CSL-JADNA-10
CSL-GTC96-JA-DNA CSL-GTC96S PCR kit for users already with runVIEW or an electrophoresis system; incl.
CSL-GTC96-RV-JA-DNA Complete PCR/real-time DNA electrophoresis workstation; incl. CSL-GTC96S & CSLRVMSCHOICETRIO,
plus CSL-JADNA-10


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