Multiple Minigel Casting


Key Features

  • Integral levelling feet and level bubble
  • Standard and gradient gels can be poured
  • Choice of 6, 12 or 24 gel casting models
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Advance casting of multiple mini gels can help to achieve consistent results between runs. These multiple gel casting systems are tailored for use with omniPAGE mini vertical electrophoresis units; with 2 models of 6 and 12 gel capacities. Fewer gels can be poured if required using the acrylic saver blocks supplied with each system.

The fixed hinged clamps allows the gel sandwich to be adjusted to the correct pressure irrespective of the number or the thickness of gels being poured. Separation sheets allow the easy separation of the glass plates after pouring.

Ordering Information

CSL-6CAST  6 gel caster for 8 x 10cm or 10 x 10cm gels
CSL-12CAST  12 gel caster for 8 x 10cm or 10 x 10cm gels