OmniPAGE Complete WAVE Maxi System for Electrophoresis & High Intensity Blotting


Key Features

Image shown includes a VS20BI which is not included with a VS20CBS-HI

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The VS20 WAVE complete electroblotting system provides all necessary components for performing transfers from vertical slab gels:

  • Interchangeable modular inserts combine vertical PAGE with electro-transfer using the same universal tank and lid
  • Multi-transfer capability for up to 4 WAVE Maxi gels, 8 omniPAGE Mini Wide and 16 omniPAGE Mini gels
  • Complete flexibility with power settings as experimental needs dictate: perform overnight transfer at voltages as low as 35V; and rapid, high-intensity transfers at 200V in 1-2 hours
  • Standard insert with platinum wire electrodes 8cm apart for increased capacity; and a high intensity insert with plate electrodes 4cm apart for transfer rapidity
  • Detachable cooling coil, which connects to the laboratory water supply or a recirculating chiller, prevents buffer depletion to allow overnight transfers and fast high-intensity blots, and maintains the low temperatures important for protein stability during native transfers
  • Open design, rigid cassettes maximise current transfer and eliminate shadow band formation
  • Colour-coded cassettes prevent polarity reversal

Package includes:

  • 1x WAVE Maxi Vertical Unit which includes: PAGE insert, 2x4mm thick notched glass plates, 2x4mm thick plain glass plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers, 1x dummy plate, 2x combs (1mm thick 24 samples), 1x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack
  • 1x WAVE High Intensity Electroblotting Module which includes: WAVE Maxi Plate Electrode Blotting Insert, 1x compression cassettes and 6x fibre pads

Ordering Information

VS20CBS-HI Complete Wave Maxi System for High Intensity electrophoresis & blotting



Technical Specifications

Maximum Gel Size 17.5x18cm (active gel dimensions)
Gel Capacity 1x WAVE Maxi Gels
Electrode Types Platinum-coated titanium & stainless steel
Outer Tank Buffer volume 5.3L working volume to 6.4L max.
Running conditions 35V overnight to 200V high-intensity 1-2 hours
Recommended power supply CS-3AMP