OmniPAGE Blot Mini High Intensity System


Key Features

  • Ideal for wet electroblotting of proteins – Western blotting
  • Up to five gel blot cassettes utilised at any one time
  • Hinged cassettes for added convenience
  • Accommodates gel thicknesses from 0.25 up to 3mm
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The Sub Blot Mini and WAVE high intensity transfer systems combine the cooling capacity of wet submarine blotting units with the speed of semi-dry transfer systems. Both systems utilise plate electrodes to create a higher strength electric field and greater current density than conventional wire-electrode systems. This allows transfer of broad range molecular weight proteins to be achieved typically within an hour in the Sub Blot Mini, and in 1-2 hours using the WAVE Sub Blot System. Features offered by the Sub Blot Mini and WAVE are as follows:

  • Plate-electrodes 2cm apart in the Sub Blot Mini facilitate fast transfer of two stacked 8×8.5cm mini gels; and 4cm apart in WAVE Sub Blot system for transfer of one Maxi gel
  • Multi-transfer capability in the WAVE also allows transfer of 4 omniPAGE Mini and 2 omniPAGE Mini Wide gels arranged side-by-side
  • Two cooling options; a cool pack supplied with the Sub Blot Mini for environmentally friendly low-cost cooling; and active cooling in the Sub Blot WAVE by a detachable cooling coil connected to a recirculating chiller.
  • Magnetic stirring bars fit conveniently beneath the cooling coil within the WAVE tank to maximise buffer circulation and heat dissipation, while preventing ion gradient formation; both tanks sit comfortably on most stirring plates
  • Open design, rigid cassettes maximise gel-to-membrane compression for efficient current transfer; colour-coded to prevent polarity reversal

Ordering Information

SB10-HI  omniPAGE Blot Mini, 10 x 10cm, High Intensity System including tank and lid, 2 casettes, 8 firbe pad, cooling pack

Technical Specifications

Max. Gel Size 10 x 10cm
Gel Capacity 2x Mini
Buffer Volume 1.3L Max
Running Conditions 100-200V 1-2h
Cooling Cool Pack
Recommended Power Supply CS-3AMP


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