Multi Sub Screen Flexicaster


Key Features

  • Fits all MSMINIMIDICHOICE, MAXI & SCREEN gel trays
  • Leak free casting assured, even with agarose at 80°C
  • Supplied with all MSSCREEN 16, 24, 32 and TRIO units; also available separately
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The new MS26-FC Flexicaster, now included with each multiSUBscreen unit, can be used with nearly all Cleaver Scientific multiSUB horizontal gel trays. When casting, one end of the gel tray is pushed into position against a fixed wall, whilst a moveable dam with twin cam-lock design and rubber insert locks into position at the other end to provide a leak proof seal, even when freshly boiled agarose is poured at temperatures as high as 80°C! The MS26-FC Flexicaster may also be purchased separately, and its flexibility in accommodating different gel tray lengths makes it the perfect casting solution for those laboratories with different multiSUB systems.

Ordering Information

MS26-FC Flexicaster for gels up to 32cm. Casts 7, 10, 15, 16, 20, 24 and 32cm long gels


MS26-FC Flexicaster Tray Compatibility

Tray Caster Capacity
MS7-UV7, MS7-UV10 3 of each
MS10-UV7, MS10-UV10, MS15-UV7, MS15-UV10, MS15-UV15, MS15-UV17 2 of each
MS15-UVST20, MS15-UVST25, MS20-UV10, MS15-UV25 1 of each
MS26-UV16, MS26-UV24, MS26-UV32 1 of each