BatteryGEL Combs


Key Features

These guides for use with the Battery GEL unit combine the convenience of a regular comb with the appropriate guide (same teeth number and width) for loading samples, simply flip over.

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Placeholder MSBG-1-16
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Special Requirements?


Cleaver Scientific offer the widest range of combs available of any gel tank manufacturer. They fit virtually every application from preparatory electrophoresis to high-throughput screening. They are height-adjustable without any requirement for specialist tools or comb holders, to give the user full control over well depth and sample-loading volume. The rigid comb back prevents heat-induced warping and reversible loading guides sit directly above each well to provide a convenient loading template for single- and multi-channel pipettes.

BatteryGEL Combs are all suitable for use with the Battery GEL horizontal electrophoresis unit. They are available in four thicknesses and are colour-coded:

  • White – 1mm supplied as standard
  • Black – 0.75mm for tightly resolved bands
  • Red – 1.5mm to maximise sample volume
  • Blue – 2mm to maximise sample volume

Black and White combs are recommended for high resolution gels and publication quality data, red and blue to scale-up nucleic acid volumes for preparatory techniques.